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About Outside Together

Hi, I’m Sean Lloyd.
Welcome to Outside Together, a resource I run to help new families simply camp, and veteran families camp simply. I work with families who love the idea of camping but struggle with the details. Along the way, they find freedom and relaxation in places they never thought to look — without a ton of gear and without a ton of work.

My Path

My experience comes from a lifetime of camping as a kid, a bachelor, a husband, and a dad…
I started out as a kid with my parents on camping trips to Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smokies. Trips full of memories exploring, learning, playing, resting — alone or with my brother.

Then I became a Boy Scout and camping felt like school — a packed schedule, lots of busyness, not much unstructured time or freedom to explore. (I’ve since learned that not all troops have the same approach to camping.)

When we moved cities, I dropped out of Boy Scouts and took to walking everywhere — to school, to friends’ houses, or just to clear my head.

I returned to camping in college, taking backpacking trips with friends. I loved it, even with the extra weight of canned food. Short backpacking trips when I was a bachelor kept me sane from an insane work schedule of 80+ hour weeks working on developing government accounting systems.

Then I started camping with my lovely wife. In the beginning, we found ourselves cramming the car full of necessities for the two of us for two days. Then we worked even harder to cram a little more into the car when my daughter was born.

In the years since we’ve enjoyed countless camp-outs with our extended family and friends. Over these many trips, in a variety of campgrounds surrounded by families that approach camping in as many ways, I’ve seen how camping can quickly go from enjoying life’s simplicity to an outdoor re-creation of home life, only more complicated and more stressful.

As a family, my wife and I figured out what we truly need to bring along so we could find what we really wanted: time together, outside, with the freedom of time and space to explore the world around us.
… And that’s why I started Outside Together

I want to share this with you.

A Little More

About Me

  • My daughter is my favorite hiking buddy
  • I once blew my nose in poison ivy
  • I can’t remember the end of movies or books.
  • My hiking anthem = “Rocky Top” as sung by the Osborne Brothers.
  • My worst sunburn ever came from sleeping overnight on a beach.
  • I am living proof that you can camp outside, sometimes incompetently, still enjoy yourself, and come back alive and happy.

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