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Simple camping is different for everyone, but it’s essential for each of us to know where we currently draw the line and ask whether it’s in the right place. Simple happens when everything is in balance. Everything we have and everything we do is necessary and valuable. Simple is wide-open space for life to happen.

When camping, simple is enjoying the freedom that comes with our very own personal time. Free from the day-to-day busyness of jobs and home life, we get to choose everything — what we bring, what we wear, what we eat, and what we do. We’re not slaves to chores, phone calls, or appointments. We’ve scheduled time off from all that.


Why do we trade our free time for small-time distractions?


Why do we bring the busyness with us? Why do we cram our camping schedules full of activities, only to sit at dinner with family & friends too exhausted to enjoy the time together? Why do we spend our time tending the garden of electronics? Why do we spend a day setting up and a day taking down … on a two-day trip? Why do we re-arrange all our stuff instead of joining the kids and having some fun?


We have a choice.


We choose our freedom. We choose to be relaxed. We create the space and time for adventure, for discovery, for surprise. If we choose the busyness, it’s our own fault.

Saying no to the small stuff is saying yes to the big stuff. It’s saying yes to enjoying our family, hanging out with the kids. It’s saying yes to clearing our minds of all the useless details to re-discover that life can be simple and good … and it’s not from some elaborate entertainment that costs a ton of money.


Say No ToSay Yes To
ElectronicsClear head
Crammed schedulesFree time, wandering, discovery, intention
Constant busynessPlay, read, walk
Facebook, texts, WhatsAppEveryone around you
Unnecessary gearDiscovering just how little you need


Glue your eyes to the phone, and you’ll miss the bald eagle flying overhead.

Cram your schedule full of activities, and you’ll be too tired to appreciate the eagle.

Watch the stream of Facebook alerts, and you’ll miss the quiet window of time to talk to your friend.

Bring all that useless gear, keep busy tidying up all your stuff, and miss the deep relaxation and recharging of playing in the river.

… or you can …


Go forth and camp. Go forth and live.


It’s right here. It’s waiting. It’s that simple.


(It’s not just luck that you see the eagle. It’s that you’re ready for it.)

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