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Helping your family go from couch to campsite and discover the freedom of the great outdoors. Skip all the research on gear, survival skills, and food.

Just. Get. Outside.

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Weekend Family Camping Meal Plan

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The Secret to Hiking with Kids

Hiking with kids is easy, it’s hiking with parent’s that’s hard. I’m here to tell you the secret to hiking with kids and enjoying it. Vision: Happy, smiling kids playing in Nature, totally engaged and full of life. Reality: Whining, complaining kids you drag through...

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Wake Up

You wake up with the first light filtering through the tent. No hurries, no rush. You lay there for a while listening to the movement outside -- the squirrels and chipmunks rustling the leaves, the birds calling each other from the treetops. There is nothing to pull...

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Simple Camping Manifesto

Simple camping is different for everyone, but it's essential for each of us to know where we currently draw the line and ask whether it's in the right place. Simple happens when everything is in balance. Everything we have and everything we do is necessary and...

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With a lifetime of experience camping as a kid, a bachelor, a husband, and a dad — Sean’s enjoyed countless camp-outs with our extended family and friends. Over these many trips, in a variety of campgrounds surrounded by families that approach camping in as many ways, he’s seen how camping can quickly go from enjoying life’s simplicity to an outdoor re-creation of home life, only more complicated and more stressful.

With his family, he figured out what they truly need to bring along so we could find what they really wanted: time together, outside, with the freedom of time and space to explore the world around them.

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